The protests at Bank – before the ruck

Couldn’t resist walking down to Liverpool Street to see the protests. The first sign of action was the police gathered outside the Royal Bank of Scotland. And about a million cameras flashing. 

p1000496Towards the Bank of England a small tent city had sprung up, with people setting up camp for the night – symbolic occupation of the Square Mile now that taxpayers own so much of it. It was peaceful here, like a music festival, especially with the spring sunshine. No sign of the alleged compost toilets. 

p1000518p1000528p1000529There were a few defiant suits taking in the protest, despite warnings from banks for their staff to dress down. No one was getting lynched though – all very civil. p1000531p1000535There were more police closer to Bank. Threadneedle Street was blocked off to both traffic and protesters. They might have been better off just leaving the traffic in place to keep people out, it’s usually gridlocked. p1000545p1000547I found another way in, although it was impossible to get close to the Bank of England – the crowds were too dense. You could feel the tension, especially in such narrow congested streets. There was a sense of things simmering – everyone was ready for something to happen but no one really knew what to expect. The bobbies were on high, high alert, but still staying friendly. p1000563This pair with their dog had the right idea – staying out of the main action. p1000566

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