“Maybe, Maybe Not” exhibition at Dreamspace Gallery, Old Street

The-Benefit-of-Hindsight_Beckaotic_72dpi If you’re near Old Street between now and the 12th of June, drop into the Dreamspace Gallery, where artists Rebecca Machin and Alix Smith will be showing their latest paintings, collages, graphic works and screenprints… 

The artists describe the exhibition as a ‘tongue in cheek confessional by two artists who make sense of the world through humour and play. Beauty meets bolshie in a vibrant show of the bold and the subtle. Believing that nothing is final and that life is a state of flux, both artists thrive on the notion of multiple meanings and engage spectators by openly inviting interpretation and contradiction.’  

And Bec has kindly sent me one of her pieces (above).

Ahh, hindsight. Always twenty twenty, isn’t it? As someone said recently, if only there was an Apple Z key for real life. 

I went to school with Rebecca (Hollywood Senior High School, fantastic school, now sadly demolished. Wish I’d appreciated it more at the time… there’s that hindsight again) so will be going to the private view tomorrow night…. speaking of which, I really should put some washing on & think about my outfit… it’s not every day I, err, leave the house.

The Dreamspace Gallery is at 1-3 Dufferin Street, EC1Y 8NA. Open to visitors Monday to Friday from 9am to 5.30pm and is free. All the art will be for sale. 


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