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Something for the long weekend

P1020094So much on this weekend, and so many people hit the road to leave London, giving the rest of us a bit of breathing space. Here are some suggestions…..

You’re probably way too late to book a table at Moro, but that’s alright, because the recipes have no waiting list. Here are a few. My favourite is the lemon yogurt cake, which is surprisingly easy to make – the last time I made it I had the diligent help of a four-year-old boy, whose verdict was ‘this is better than ice cream.’ There can be no higher praise. Continue reading

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Who was that very talented saxophonist at Passing Clouds?

19 talentedtromboneI finally got around to visiting Passing Clouds a few weeks back. It’s in an unmarked warehouse beside the train tracks just off Kingsland Road, and we stumbled along in the dark for a little while until the helpful doorman called out Passing Clouds? to us. Continue reading

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Overhead…. in Bordello, Great Eastern Street

Saleslady in Bordello, ‘London’s finest purveyor of luxury lingerie and vintage burlesque accessories’

‘The thing you have to realise is that French women have different breasts. They wear underwire bras from a much earlier age and so their breasts actually develop differently. There’s a real cult of the breast in that country, which means that French underwear manufacturers dominate the lingerie market, but British women find that they don’t fit into it. And French women tend not to breastfeed, either. When my aunt gave birth in a Parisian hospital she was the first person to breastfeed on the ward for fifteen years. That’s why you should buy British lingerie, not French.’

Anyway, it was good to see some good old fashioned customer service, and it’s a lovely shop, – selling not only underwear but also some really nice clothes.

55 Great Eastern Street


Nearest Tube Old St or Liverpool St
Close to Spitalfields Market and Brick Lane
Telephone: +44 (0)207 503 3334

zoe deleuil


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Steak at Buen Ayre Argentinean restaurant, Broadway Market

Buen Ayre in Broadway Market is quite the red-blooded experience. The waiters are full of vim –  no obsequious, waif-like simpering here. And from the moment you book, it’s made clear that you are very lucky to get a table. I went in recently to ask for an 8pm table. and was told Not possible. 7pm or 9pm only. Continue reading

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