Something for the long weekend

P1020094So much on this weekend, and so many people hit the road to leave London, giving the rest of us a bit of breathing space. Here are some suggestions…..

You’re probably way too late to book a table at Moro, but that’s alright, because the recipes have no waiting list. Here are a few. My favourite is the lemon yogurt cake, which is surprisingly easy to make – the last time I made it I had the diligent help of a four-year-old boy, whose verdict was ‘this is better than ice cream.’ There can be no higher praise.

The Savoy Cafe on Graham Road, a beautiful art deco building that has been closed since the 1990s, is hosting a series of events. This Saturday is the last one, and will feature a single work of art by Tuscan artist Luca Bertola, surrounded by ‘music, seating and timing’. It sounds intriguing.

The Rio Cinema in Dalston is hosting late shows, and this Friday will be playing Lars Von Trier’s Antichrist at 11.30pm. It’s the long weekend, stay up late….!

An extra day gives you time to do something new and I’m going to check out The Wapping Project, which is (I think) a converted power station and now a gallery and restaurant. I find those flash (?) websites really annoying – one click and the whole thing reloads – but I’m going to get over that prejudice and see it for myself.

And finally, this is the weekend to start looking forward to autumn. Walk in the park, get a roast chicken in the oven, read Great Expectations in bed with a nice cup of tea…. ahhhh. Soon the pressure to wring joy out of every rare sunbeam will ease, and life will calm right down. Until Christmas, anyway.

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