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Putting faces to places

During Open House a couple of weekends ago we noticed that the nearby Haggerston estate, which looked like it was being vacated for eventual demolition, had photos on some of the windows. And then just yesterday I noticed an article in the Guardian about the idea behind it – as we guessed P1020699they are portraits of the residents who have lived there.

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London Open House & Adelaide Wharf

balc2This weekend was London Open House, which is when you get a chance to sniff around some of the city’s buildings, and see for yourself what makes them special. I have gone past Adelaide Wharf on Queensbridge Road numerous times, sometimes in the company of two architects who never fail to comment on it – its bold use of colour, the balconies, the wood, the ‘lack of dual aspect flats’, the many prizes its won and its general stylishness compared to most residential developments currently going up in London. Continue reading


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Royal Mail, and the snapping of one’s mind

Sometimes I despair. So much so that it becomes funny. For example, today at the post office. I got there at 3.15pm, so frankly I had it coming, but still. There is a bloke – floppy hair, skinny jeans, mobile glued to ear – and he has with him a garbage bag of mail. A garbage bag. Meanwhile, there are probably twenty people in the queue, all waiting fairly patiently as half of the staff count coins and do whatever admin they need to do. Oh, apart from one man who yelled at the staff to PLEASE CAN YOU SERVE SOMEONE!! (which they ignored.) Continue reading

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Opening of the Savoy Cafe, Graham Road

graham roadgraffitisavoy cafe

Although Hackney Council has done some pretty dumb things lately– and for a more articulate discussion of that particular drama, head over to Ms Baroque’s blog – they have started a regeneration programme called the Hackney Empty Shops Fund to bring disused shops (and there are quite a few) back into use. You can really feel the Olympic Fever setting in….. here are a couple of photos from the Savoy Cafe on Graham Road, which was opened for a series of art events – it was a beautiful room, with original art deco fittings and laminate tables and a blackboard advertising eggs on toast for two quid still up – it closed in the nineties, but maybe one day it will open again. 

I also got a picture of the strange white creatures on Mare Street – I used to like their cousins on Dalston Lane that also got whitewashed before their time by the council, so it was good to see them pop up again down the road. Continue reading

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