Opening of the Savoy Cafe, Graham Road

graham roadgraffitisavoy cafe

Although Hackney Council has done some pretty dumb things lately– and for a more articulate discussion of that particular drama, head over to Ms Baroque’s blog – they have started a regeneration programme called the Hackney Empty Shops Fund to bring disused shops (and there are quite a few) back into use. You can really feel the Olympic Fever setting in….. here are a couple of photos from the Savoy Cafe on Graham Road, which was opened for a series of art events – it was a beautiful room, with original art deco fittings and laminate tables and a blackboard advertising eggs on toast for two quid still up – it closed in the nineties, but maybe one day it will open again. 

I also got a picture of the strange white creatures on Mare Street – I used to like their cousins on Dalston Lane that also got whitewashed before their time by the council, so it was good to see them pop up again down the road.

On another note, I tried to feel the fear and do it anyway today, by visiting the Clown Museum (yes, I know, coulrophobia is very unoriginal) but it’s disappeared! It was on Beechwood Road, which has now been overshadowed by the monolithic Barratts housing scheme, and I think it may be in Haggerston Road, so I will track it down in October (it’s only open on the first Friday of the month).

Apparently they have costumes going back hundreds of years, and I strongly suspect the person on the desk will be dressed as a clown. It’s going to be powerful exposure therapy.


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