Boris Johnson on Eastenders

Just wondering what anyone else thought of Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, appearing on Eastenders?

There does seem to have been some criticism, but as always with Boris, it’s so ridiculous that it’s funny.

What is so breathtaking about the man is that in the time that he’s been Mayor, and even before that, when he put in his handwritten, utter piss-take of an application, he has never appeared to take the job seriously. And not only that, he doesn’t even bother pretending to take it seriously.

Whether playing tennis in Highbury Fields when the average Londoner is at his or her desk, or ogling models at London Fashion Week, or appearing on crappy soap operas and calling it ‘a contribution to the arts’, he’s clearly just happy to be there. And somehow, with his floppy hair and wet-lipped smirk, he gets away with it. 

Maybe we should be grateful he’s chosen to enjoy himself rather than get a great deal done. After all, the bendy buses are still here, and the pianos dotted around Central London were a nice, if unoriginal idea. 

But if charmingly incompetent Boris is a taste of things to come when the Tories get in, should we be worried?

Obviously I’m not alone here. Dave Hill, who also writes a local blog about East London, is well and truly on Boris Watch, with regular reports in the Guardian. Here’s what he had to say about it.


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2 responses to “Boris Johnson on Eastenders

  1. I meant to watch the episode he was on, but forgot….then I forgot about the weekend edition too, but have heard the hooplah. I’m a gal in her 40’s who has only voted once and that was the year I Thatcher came to power, although I voted Labour. I left the UK in the mid 80’s and been back for 4 years.

    What’s the deal? Let him make a fool of himself. I don’t watch Eastenders nor any other stupid British made soaps.

    I consider myself more left of the middle of the road but I actually find the jackass of a Mayor quite endearing and is doing an OK job….I’m past being jaded that I don’t care if a monkey became a our next mayor.



    • Yeah I don’t think him playing himself on Eastenders would be that bad if he wasn’t appearing stagnant and lacking initiative in so many other areas.. it seems a reflection of his general bumbling, act-a-bit- dopey-and-funny-and-people-will-find-me-endearing-and-not-notice-I’m-not-doing-much approach to the job. He might be doing an ‘OK’ job but he’s being paid some 135K a year – is it enough to just smirk on a soap opera? Perhaps I’m old fashioned but raising his own profile in this way seems cheap.

      I just read this morning in Building Design magazine that Richard Rogers has just quit as Boris’ architectural advisor. One source has said he felt that he was in ‘a non-job, advising on spaces that weren’t going to happen’. I hope we’ll hear more about it in the papers soon.

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