More Aussie coffee at Wilton’s on Wilton Way

wiltonsThe steady, determined and very welcome march of Australian baristas into the deepest corners of Hackney continues. First there was Climpson and Sons in Broadway Market. Then came Tina, We Salute You in Dalston, and now, just a short walk from my flat, we are all very happy to welcome Wilton’s, on Wiltons Way.

This one is tres, tres Sydney, down to the ‘Lido Breakfast’ of yogurt and muesli and the broad Aussie accent of the bloke making the coffee (although they still have sausage butties on the menu, it’s not a complete betrayal of the British breakfast). And they don’t just do coffee and stuff. They also have a radio station and exhibitions!

 wiltons2The radio station can be found at – or just go to the café and watch it happen in the booth – while the first exhibition opens on November 9 and will feature (I think) posters of past, present, future and fictitious shops to occupy Wilton Way (the flyer seems to be missing a crucial ‘of’ and the meaning is unclear).

 I haven’t actually tried anything. The trouble is, it’s so close to home I feel a bit weird going there for breakfast instead of downstairs, especially as I like to eat before I do anything so strenuous as getting dressed for the day and leaving the house. But it’s still nice to know a little piece of Sydney is just round the corner. 

Wilton’s, 63 Wilton Way, Hackney E8



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3 responses to “More Aussie coffee at Wilton’s on Wilton Way

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  2. Loved the flat latte & the Neil Young on LFR. Good service, good prices, good ambiance. Trying to find a phone no to establish whether you’re open on August Bank Hol.

  3. Sarey

    Sydney is not really known for its café culture. I would have thought that was more of a bohemian Melbourne thing. But yes, love the review. Thanks.

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