I still haven’t found what I’m looking for….

One of the most interesting things about keeping a blog is the search box. This is where you see what phrase or word someone has typed into google that has led them to your particular corner of the internet. I’ve started keeping track of the most interesting ones, which I’ll now share…

cash for coffins and photos of floating coffins I don’t know where on my blog I’ve written ‘coffin’, a word that makes me cringe.

arranging a gang rape I wonder if that particular character knows how to erase their search history, should the authorities ever confiscate their computer?

derelict buildings in East London this one is coming up more and more, I guess the new tube line means developers are sniffing. Although to be honest I think that boat has been missed

Setting up a pie and mash shop Enterprising, although we are already well-covered for pie and mash shops around here and apparently there’s now an eel shortage.

“girl clipping her toenails” Now this can only be someone with a foot fetish

and today, my new favourite: tai up, east london, lamb chop Presumably this is from a conversation where someone has raved about Tayyab’s lamb chops and the listener has been intrigued, but too shy to ask for the spelling. Happily, they found it.

Bon appetit.

PS Today was a scorcher: intimidation by sending cow tongue



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2 responses to “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for….

  1. Hello. 🙂 I’m an avid hunter & photographer of derelict buildings across London. I’m sure I could come up with a few!

    And hello. I work for Spoonfed.co.uk.


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