The Brick Lane Bagel Shop

When I first moved to London someone told me that this is where you can get ‘the best bagels in the world’. I have since been informed by a born-and-bred New Yorker (in extremely weary tones) that this is in an exaggeration, unfortunate and misguided, and one that she has the unenviable task of correcting on a regular basis.

They are still pretty good bagels though. If the mark of good street food can be measured by long queues, even at 3am, and reliably unsmiling service then we’re onto a winner. I usually go for the smoked salmon and cream cheese one with a cup of tea on the side, but the salted beef with mustard and pickle is also pretty good, as are the cheesecake slices. 

Prepare yourself well in advance, don’t dither, speak clearly and have your money ready promptly. These people have bagels to serve. 

159 Brick Lane, Brick Lane, E1 6SB

PS Not only does he take away the 38, he’s now ramping up bus fares, and in a borough without a tube this is unfair. Send our golden-haired Tory toff of a mayor a postcard with some advice:


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7 responses to “The Brick Lane Bagel Shop

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  2. It’s all a matter of tastes but I think the best bagels in London are served about 20ft away from this shop! I wonder if the two shops have a fierce rivalry…

    • Hi Joe, Is that the one just to the left of it? I always mean to try that place too…! Speaking of good food, I just found a new place today I am going to write up soon, once I get back and try it properly. You will like it…!

  3. Yes, “the yellow one”. It does good chocolate cake as well. Look forward to your next East London eatery!

  4. Visited Brick Lane, and visited the talked about First Bagel shop in the UK, joined the long que, bought several items from the Bagel Shop, here’s a brief breakdown on what we bought and ate; although the cream cheese bagels were what I would term as ok, they were nothing special, and were very small and ordinary, the cheese and vegetable pasties were totally tasteless and quite revolting, the cheesecake looked lovely, so purchased several slices of each flavour, however, none of them tasted anything like cheescake at all, they were very bland and tasteless with a horrrid and mush base, very, very dissapointed, all hype and no substance if the truth be known, living on a past reputation that died with the poor quality and tasteless foodwe bought and ate, what a shame..

  5. “reliably unsmiling service” and “Prepare yourself well in advance, don’t dither, speak clearly and have your money ready promptly” made me chuckle. Very well observed!

    That said, the bagels and salt beef are top notch, as are the curiously chewy jam doughnuts. Give anything that requires more delicate pastry a miss though, i.e. Crosissants, Pain au Chocolat or Sausage Rolls.

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