Friday, sunshine, stuff to do in East London this weekend

Thank god for the sun shining today. I thought I had lived here long enough that the weather no longer affected my mood, but what a difference a bit of sun makes to the public morale. Strangers smiling, opening doors for each other, commenting on the drunkeness of a pair of teenagers stumbling across Mare Street. It was utterly, utterly heartwarming.

Anyway, I’ve finished Wolf Hall and have to sit on my hands until the sequel comes out – my god, talk about leaving us on a cliffhanger! Will the Queen produce an heir? Will Cromwell win Jane Seymour? What the hell is going to go down at Wolf Hall…. well, you sort of know how it all turns out but at the same time the story she has created is so immediate, so vivid, it’s like… I don’t know. It’s as good as The Wire.

I went to see Henry VIII: Dressed to Kill at the Tower of London a few weeks ago, and if you’re reading Wolf Hall, a visit to the Tower is a way into the novel, although for me the history is brought to life far more convincingly by reading the book rather than visiting the places. Being there at night, without the crowds of tourists, may be a different story though.

I want to write more about the book when I have time. At the moment, though, I just have two words: Read it!

Anyway, this weekend we have The East London Design Show at Shoreditch Town Hall. On tonight until 8 and finishing on Sunday. I’m going for a sniff on Sunday, and will hopefully find some Christmas presents.

At the Rio they are showing Don’t Look Now at 11.30pm on Saturday night. I recently went there to see Bright Star – such a beautiful film (here’s a trailer) – and it is a lovely, calm, cosy cinema.

I highly recommend Sophie Calle at Whitechapel, too, and a swim at the London Fields Lido – it’s warm and steamy once you get going and it really does wake you up on a wintry day.

Any other recommendations? Have a good weekend!



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3 responses to “Friday, sunshine, stuff to do in East London this weekend

  1. First of all – The Wire is the best show ever, and so I will trust you when you say that Wolf Hall is as good….Will add this to my list.

    Secondly, question for you: How do you set up your blog so that on the front page, each post is only a teaser and then you click on keep reading to keep reading? I’d like to have that on mine…Advice?

    Third – a challenge – can you name the london location on MyMetropole today? 😉 Winner gets MyMetropole inches for whatever you’d like – guest post, post images, anything at all. You might know, considering the name of your blog….

    Peace x

    • Hello there – yes it’s a good winter read & a history lesson all at once. I watched The Other Boleyn Girl as preparation….

      If you are on a WordPress blog there is a symbol on the toolbar for new posts that looks like a small rectangle with a larger one below. If you click on this it will insert a page break – good for longer posts (that was an Edwin tip actually).

      Ummm… is it Columbia Road?

      • Ummmm Yes! It is Colombia Road! Awesome job! Wanna do that ummm business over on my blog and I’ll give you guest post on MyMetropole?

        I’ll try the symbol youre talking about, thanks for the help on that!

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