Do you like my bright header?

A huge thanks for my lovely new header goes to Edwin Lynch, a filmmaker, writer, teacher and webmeister from West Australia who designed it for me – and gave me lots of sound advice earlier this year when I was talking about starting a blog.

You can see more of his web design work here and read about his film-making capers here

Thanks Edwin!



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4 responses to “Do you like my bright header?

  1. Wow! It does look good doesn’t it? Better than I thought (we artistes are our own worst critics, right?) Thanks for the link back. I don’t usually publicise this one, but you can actually watch some of my movies here if you have a few minutes :).

  2. Yeah it looks great Edwin! Thanks for the movie link, I will check them out….

  3. Looks good. I could probably do with some advice…

  4. And this might answer the comment you left on there not being loads of sex ads in telephone boxes anymore:

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