Christmas greetings…

This was supposed to be my 2009 Christmas card, mounted on pretty berry-coloured paper and sent far & wide…. but due to Swine Flu and the need for chicken noodle soup on the couch and lots of sleep, not to mention an impatience with all things crafty, it’s been sadly reduced to a special edition of just nine mounted cards, although I may knock up a small gift card option with the remaining 35 prints.

Anyway, Merry Christmas…. I am off to see Where the Wild Things Are at the Rio tonight. One of my favourite childhood books and Mark Ruffalo – what’s not to like?
Update: now back from Where the Wild Things Are. I feel violated. And what’s more, Mark Ruffalo was in one scene, and had about two lines.



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2 responses to “Christmas greetings…

  1. Anna

    loving the blog xxx nice to be reading about london, when you’re so far away. a moment to close the eyes and pretend you’re there

  2. Thanks Anna…. speaking of being far away, would be great if someone started a Perth blog? hmmm….

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