Spare five minutes? Email Boris with some advice…

I just read in the Hackney Gazette that our local MP Diane Abbott has been asking Boris Johnson about the Rape Crisis Centre he promised in his election manifesto. Since then, he has reduced funding for four centres across London from £2.2 million to £1.4 million. One is opening in Ealing, West London, but he’s yet to announce locations for ones in North and East London.

You can read the full story here

Abbott is keen for a centre in Hackney, as it ‘has the highest incidence of rape in north and east London last year, and where gang rape has become an alarming phenomenon‘. I wrote about it last year after seeing a report on Channel Four. She says she sees a lot of people who will talk to her about the problem, but won’t go to the police, such as migrants and refugees, and it is these people in particular that a support centre would help.

I thought I’d email Boris over the next few days to remind him of his election promise. If anyone else feels like doing the same, his email is


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