Swedish Brunch at The Claptonian Arts Club, Clapton

There are quite a few supper clubs and underground restaurants in East London (and London in general), but only one that does Swedish brunch – The Claptonian Arts Club. I’m not entirely au fait with the idea of going round to an unknown house for dinner – what if there’s cat hair everywhere? What if they just can’t cook? But I liked the sound of the menu, and somehow the thought of eating an unfamiliar cuisine is more appealing than going round to a stranger’s place for scrambled eggs on toast

We were emailed the address once we booked, and found the place by spotting a row of very Scandinavian-looking candles burning in the window. On arrival we found ourselves in a rather Swedish-looking room – all white walls and beautiful glassware and artwork on the walls (the girl who runs it is an artist, and uses the room as a gallery and studio as well.)

We were joined by four others – a Finnish girl, a German, a Kiwi (New Zealander) and an English/Swedish woman, so it was very multicultural and, once the Bloody Marianne and Aquavit kicked in, rather congenial too. Here’s the menu:

Welcome drink “Bloody Marianne”

With horseradish and dill aquavit

Starter “Två sorters sill och grav lax.


. Mustard-pickled herring

. Dill and garlic mayonnaise-pickled herring

. Caraway aquavit cured grav lax

on Soft Swedish flatbread and granary toast.

Main “Pytt i Panna”

Swedish hash made on spicy beef sausage and diced fried potato.

Comes with an egg, and beet and apple relish.

Dessert “With love from Gotland”

Saffron pancake, cream and cloudberry jam.

And very nice it all was too, particularly the saffron pancakes. It was a bit like being in a friendly café, or having people round for breakfast but without doing any cooking… all in all a delicious & different way to spend a Sunday.

It also inspired me to try it myself (partly because they made it look completely effortless, though I’m sure it isn’t), and once spring arrives and there is more around to eat than just carrots and leeks I’m going to give it a go (pending approval from certain parties) – probably a Friday night ‘Goodbye to Winter’ feast to start with… I’m thinking retro Abigail’s Party-style with chicken liver pate, steak frites and béarnaise sauce, green salad and Black Forest chocolate pots, but who knows…. stay tuned.

And here is the link for the Claptonian Arts Club:

www.theclaptonian.com and on Facebook

The event is £15 by donation – very reasonable, given the food and general atmosphere


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