Normal services to resume shortly…

Just returned from visiting my family and now back in beautiful light sunny Hackney… what a difference three weeks make. The flight was lonnnngggg, divided into three legs. The first I sat next to an elderly woman who stole almost everything that wasn’t nailed down, from the cutlery to the bowls to about five bags of peanuts and two cans of coke. First she tucked things down her top, then she transferred them into a bag under the seat. I actually had to help her retrieve it in the end as it got a bit too heavy for her. She also got up for frequent trips to the loo – probably to steal toilet paper and tissues. This was amusing but disruptive, as I had to get up every time to let her pass, so I was glad to to get onto a bigger plane for the next leg, where I found myself with three seats, such luxury.

I hoped to continue my horizontal, pseudo-first class experience from Dubai to London, but unfortunately it wasn’t to be, and I found myself next to a Daily Mail-reading, sharp-elbow-nudging, purple-cardiganed woman who eyed me and my reading material suspiciously from time to time, in the way that Daily Mail readers do. Thankfully I fell asleep again for most of that leg, until the waffles with pineapple compote arrived – nothing beats the moment when that trolley arrives next to your seat, does it?

Now dressed and about to head to Hackney Central Tesco for milk. That should snap me back to reality pretty fast.


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