And now for something more cheerful

Well, I’m still seething about the Savoy Cafe, and when it opens I’m going to march in and personally ask the people behind it how, exactly, they sleep at night.

But it’s gone. It’s a bit like the fact that we now have to listen to William Hague on a regular basis…. what can you do, except avert your eyes and visualise Japanese cherry blossoms.

And then this week I received a couple of emails that reminded me that there are also good people in the world. not just law-dodging, history contempting, money grabbing …. deep breaths….. Japanese cherry blossoms…

So I thought I’d mention a Tea Party, happening this Sunday from 5pm to 8pm at Tina We Salute You, which is being held to launch the Oxfam East London Campaign Group.

Find out more here

And then there’s a Vegan Gourmet Night being held at The Gallery Cafe in Bethnal Green. They are also launching a rockabilly night, lime and coconut cupcakes, a summer fete on 12 June and tomorrow night, with free entry, a Jamboree, featuring rockabilly music. I don’t know how the organiser at the Gallery Cafe sleeps at night either.

You can find out more about this venue here


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