London Fields farmers’ market this Sunday

Just a quick post to remind people that there is a farmers’ market this Sunday (and, hopefully, many to come) in the primary school next to Broadway Market, just round the corner from the Cat & Mutton pub.

The butcher told me they are struggling to make a profit as it’s still pretty quiet (some stall holders have already given up) and asked me to tell all my friends…. So if you are in London Fields then drop by, it’s on from 10am-2pm and you can turn up in ordinary clothes and walk around without tripping over pedigree pugs or getting stabbed in the eye by directional fringes.

I’ve been down a few times and it’s really nice – there is a great pork butcher who drives for four hours and brings with him his teenage son, who is in charge of an enormous sausage pan. There is also lots of really good fresh produce like apple juice, strawberries, raspberries, pak choy and cornflowers.



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3 responses to “London Fields farmers’ market this Sunday

  1. That’s a shame! I was so excited when it first started but we went down there on a hot day and none of the meat was on ice so we decided not to risk it. When it’s not so hot though I’ll be back.

  2. I love Broadway market it’s a nice place to lime on a Saturday or Sunday.

    Be sure to visit Cilicia cafe at the regents canal end of the market, on the right hand corner. They do delicious tasty meze…

    Also there’s little London fields festival this Saturday 7/8/10 from 10.00 – 9.00. There will be a farmers stalls, art from up and coming designers, great food and a wide variety of performances from guest stars, one of which is Terri Walker!!!!

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