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Save the rabbit on Hackney Road

For reasons known only to itself, Hackney Council has ordered the Premises Studio and Cafe (home of the best fry-up on Hackney Road) to remove a gigantic rabbit painted on its exterior wall by a Belgian artist who goes by the name of ROA.

Now if it was painted on Buckingham Palace, for example, I could understand. But this is one of the most bleak, dispiriting and ugly stretches of East London. Most of the buildings at the Shoreditch end have been bought up by a developer, who is sitting on them (ie letting them slowly crumble) until another London Yellowstock Brick monstrosity gets built, and quite frankly that giant rabbit is the saving grace of the place. Especially when you’re crawling along on a slow-moving 55.

You can sign the online petition here.

Honestly, Hackney Council. More disappointed than angry.


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Our Patterned Hand, Broadway Market

Our Patterned Hand opened up on Broadway Market quite a while ago, but it was only recently that I ventured in with a bona-fide sewing expert, my mum. She arrived three weeks ago laden with a suitcase full of everything from bunny rugs to a crocheted red cardigan (all made by her), plus loads of other essentials such as an ear thermometer and a copy of Baby Love.

While here she’s trawled Oxford Street, with my dad as mule, for a moses basket, pram cocoon, baby bath, soft towels, face flannels and numerous other items I would otherwise have shopped for in a blind panic once on maternity leave (god, can it ever come fast enough?), popped over to Paris for a tres chic velvety grey babygro, and given my husband a pep talk on supporting a woman in labour (while he was, I might add, unwittingly wearing one of my maternity tops. He’s since been in a cold sweat at the thought of any of his colleagues noticing the tell-tale gathering up the sides).

Yesterday we visited Our Patterned Hand where she found some printed Indian fabric for a little dress for my niece and some rose pink velvet for something TBC – true seamstresses always have a stash of fabrics for things that are yet to be dreamed up. It’s a beautiful little shop, the owner has a keen eye for gorgeous fabrics and she only buys things in small quantities, so you don’t get that overflowing chaos of some fabric shops…. but it also means that if you see a fabric you love, buy it straight away as it won’t be there in a month or two. Canny marketing, but also good for shoppers as you know you’ll find something new every time you come in. The owner, Leanne Finn-Davies, has also just started sewing classes, so get in touch via the website or just drop in to see what’s coming up.

Thanks to The Women’s Room for these pictures – I will try and get my own soon.

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