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The Last Tuesday Society’s Hendrick’s Spring Lecture Series

Going to be slightly lazy today because it’s such a beautiful day and I want to be outside…. so thought I would post The Last Tuesday Society’s email verbatim, which lists their lectures for the year. I’ve only visited once – it’s a funny little shop on Mare Street – and got a bit spooked by the basement ‘museum’, which has scientific specimens of deformed baby skeletons, old fur coats, creepy dolls, coffins, that sort of thing, but I’ve been on their mailing list for a while and always feel a bit smarter just by reading the lecture timetable, let alone attending. I’ve also been meaning to go along to one of their quarterly seances, but these seem to get booked out rather quickly. Anyway, have a read and drop in to visit them soon. All lectures are held at the Mare Street shop.

Thanks to Free Art London for the image.

19th April 2011
In Search of the English Eccentric with Henry Hemming
The English eccentric is under threat. In our increasingly homogenised society, these celebrated parts of our national identity are anomalies that may soon no longer fit. Or so it seems. Henry Hemming will describe his  thought-provoking quest to discover the most eccentric English person alive today, unearthing a surprisingly large array of playfully outspoken, original and inspiring characters. Tickets £7 or £4 with adequate proof of extreme poverty.

27th April 2011
Mask Making Workshop
The Last Tuesday Society are now offering the abridged version of their popular mask making course in preparation for their May Masked Ball. Within a two hour workshop you will be led through the process of creating your own masks using a variety of mediums from papier mache bases to lace and resin. All materials are included. Tickets £12

28th April 2011
Billionaires, Buddhists, and the Sex Life of Peacocks with Dr Peter
What connects Roman Abramovich in his super yacht and the Buddhist nun Tenzin Palmo who spent years living in a small cave in the Himalayas? When we gaze in reverence at the generosity of a bodhisattva, why can we see the shadow of the Marquis de Sade at the gate to enlightenment? And when Freud ‘discovered’ the link between the female nose and clitoris, what was it that he was struggling to protect and what does that tell us about the sex life of peacocks and narcissistic disturbance in childhood? In a journey that moves from meditation to murder and ends in the pleasures of Tantric sensuality, Dr. Peter explores the psychology of sex, power and human gullibility to give us a disturbing glimpse into what our future as a species might bring, from what places we can draw hope, and why we should burn the bestselling book ‘The Secret’. Tickets £7 or £4 with adequate proof of extreme poverty.  Continue reading

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