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Where books and lovers (might) meet


Today is Valentine’s Day – if anyone had missed it – and for those looking for love, I’ve just been told about about a promising event at Broadway Bookshop in Hackney.

What with amazon and the slow-but-steady migration to digital publishing, bookshops have to diversify these days.

Broadway Books is already pretty good at that – they stock a lot of local history books and antiquarian books, and have regular author events, with readings and wine. And now they are having a single’s night, too.

It’s being billed as a sort of ‘book club where  you don’t have to have read the book’ – singles out there just show up for a drink and a chat.

It’s on Thursday 12th March from 6pm to 8.30pm, and you never know, if things are going well maybe it will carry on down to the local pub, too. Everyone is talking about how the key to surviving this dreary financial crisis is to ‘flexify’ – Broadway Books is setting a fine example. And as someone who has always wanted to successfully set up a lovely couple, well, I wish its owners all the very best.

Broadway Bookshop, 6 Broadway Market, Hackney, London E8 4QJ
Phone: 020 7241 1626 Fax: 020 7241 1036 books@broadwaybookshophackney.com

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