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Swedish Brunch at The Claptonian Arts Club, Clapton

There are quite a few supper clubs and underground restaurants in East London (and London in general), but only one that does Swedish brunch – The Claptonian Arts Club. I’m not entirely au fait with the idea of going round to an unknown house for dinner – what if there’s cat hair everywhere? What if they just can’t cook? But I liked the sound of the menu, and somehow the thought of eating an unfamiliar cuisine is more appealing than going round to a stranger’s place for scrambled eggs on toast

We were emailed the address once we booked, and found the place by spotting a row of very Scandinavian-looking candles burning in the window. On arrival we found ourselves in a rather Swedish-looking room – all white walls and beautiful glassware and artwork on the walls (the girl who runs it is an artist, and uses the room as a gallery and studio as well.) Continue reading

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Opening party of the East London Design Bureau in Clapton

outsidePoor old architects were hit rather hard by the slump, and many a London circle of friends has thrown a gloomy going-away party  as a result. For those with citizenship elsewhere it’s often meant simply packing up a few crates and shipping out – and bypassing the old ‘when do I leave London?’ question altogether. Nothing like a redundancy letter and a dwindling bank account to focus the mind. Continue reading

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