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Said why eggs?: New exhibition at East End Arts Club

 A new show at the East End Arts Club offers 26 interpretations of the alphabet, including this Most to Least alphabet by Amy WicksAMY-1.

The flyer says: Much of our time living in this world is spent devouring text and words, intentionally or not, whether it’s passively gazing at billboards from the window of a bus, being confronted by aggressive advertising campaigns, scanning headlines from discarded newspapers on an empty tube train or blearily reading about the nutritional value of our breakfast cereal. But do we ever stop to really appreciate those funny little forms scrawled across a page – their origin or even their beauty? And are there ‘enough’ letters to accurately describe everything we feel and need to say or do?

Artists include: Catherine Aguilar/Helen Lang/Mark Perronet/Tate Sisters/Phil Sheffield/Jess & George/Stinky Lincoln/Anthony Peters/Chu/Ben Allen/Angie Crowe/Lucie Sheridan/Art House/James Brown/Bangkokney Belle/Michael Vanderson/Hennie Haworth/Jennifer Camilleri/Owen Tozer/Alan Dempsey/Amy Wicks/Elliott Wilson/Ben Eine/DrD/People Will Always Need Plates/Richard Peacock. Artwork is on sale from £30. 

Or for anyone bored to tears of economic cliches like ‘credit crunch’, you might like Swifty’s ‘Spend Now Worry Later’ cotton bag, yours for just a tenner. 


If you’re coming from Brick Lane, the gallery is just over Bethnal Green Road (at the bagel-shop end of Brick Lane) at Swanfield Yard, 2b Swanfield Street E2 3DS (just off Redchurch Street). It’s open from 12-4pm on Saturdays & 12-6pm on Sundays until May 31.

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More lovin’…..

artshow1If Single’s Night at the bookshop isn’t enough, how about a Love Exhibition?

F*** Art, Let’s Love is on at the East End Arts Club – a narrow little venue just off Bethnal Green Road – for the next two Sundays (22 February and 1 March) from 11-6pm, and at other times by appointment.

After trudging through melting ice from Liverpool Street I popped in to the opening night to say hello to a friend  who had contributed a couple of bright, funny, explicit little paintings. I also liked the photography, nude drawings and prose statements. The theme brought together so many distinctive styles, so every patch of raw brick displayed something new.

Out the front there was a bar set up with red velvet cupcakes from the Hummingbird Bakery and cups of red wine, all being devoured by a happy crowd. Given the icy misery-guts night beyond it was good (if a little steamy) to be in a room filled with art and enthusiastic cupcake-eating. Even though my glasses fogged up. Drop in if you’re in the area.

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