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Celebrity barber shop

If you’ve seen Eastern Promises, a film about the Russian Mafia starring Naomi Watts and Viggo Mortensen, you might think this Broadway Market barber shop looks familiar. That’s because it appears in the opening scene, where a customer gets his throat cut. Really quite unpleasant.

In the movie it’s called Azim’s Barbers, and the owner decided to keep that name on the glassfront, so it now has two names. If you peer in the window and demonstrate through your body language and facial expressions that you recognise it as a film set, the proprietor, Mr. Ismail Yesiloglu, will brandish his scissors threateninglyazims-barbershop1 to hint that his current customer is about to meet a similar fate. 

Broadway Gents Hair Studio, 54 Broadway Market, London, 020 7241 3494


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