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A Chinese fish soup, cooked in East London

I know, I know. I hastily called this blog East London Local I’ve been putting up more recipes and book reviews than anything else. Well, it’s cold outside, so I’m reading and cooking a lot these days. But I will be out soon.

In the meantime, however, I’ll be eating this Chinese Fish Soup. It’s surprisingly filling and warming, yet doesn’t leave you feeling poleaxed like lots of ‘comfort food’.

I had a strange experience buying the fish. I was in Waitrose – I don’t normally shop there, but I was at the Barbican to see Avatar and popped in – and the woman at the fish counter refused to cut me a 450g piece from a cod fillet, saying ‘it will only leave a little piece and I won’t be able to sell it.’

It was a fish-fillet standoff, and it ended with me just walking away and buying a pack of fish out of the fridge and her, hopefully, reflecting on the fact that if you fish-fillet standoff your customers you won’t end up with little unsold pieces, but you might end up with large ones. Honestly. More disappointed than angry.

For those who want to just get out of the house, I’ve put a couple of suggestions at the end of the recipe. Otherwise, here it is: Continue reading

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