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In search of good Thai food…

It’s always been one of my firmly held convictions that you can’t get decent Thai food in London. I say this as someone who once waitressed (on reflection, quite badly) in a very good Thai restaurant in Australia. The Bangkok-born chef made sure the kitchen staff only prepared half a recipe so they would come back to buy the food rather than re-creating it at home, and his wife got away with paying 30 bucks a night, no matter how late you worked, by providing a staff meal at the end of the night. Quite frankly I would have worked for free.

I did once go to Sing Buri in Leytonstone, we had very good Thai. I’ve been back a couple of times, but the first time we got completely lost and it was full so we ended up at the not-so-good Thai restaurant down the road, and the second time we got completely lost and ended up almost missing our two-hour window to eat, and hell will freeze over before I attempt a third visit with a screaming infant thrown into proceedings.

But as it turns out I might not have to, because there is now a Thai food stall, Moraes of Manna, at the London Fields Primary School Saturday Market (a kind of spillover to Broadway Market; there’s also a farmers’ market on Sundays from 10-2). I had a green chicken curry, but they also do summer salads, chargrilled pork skewers with tamarind sauce, red tofu curry and sticky rice with bananas and taro. And it was really, really good. They are there tomorrow and I would recommend a visit.


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