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Ed’s Shed in De Beauvoir Town by David Adjaye











If you’ve visited The Idea Store in Whitechapel or the Dirty House and Rivington Place (here’s my review) in Shoreditch, then you’ll be familiar with the work of David Adjaye. And in 2007 he designed this private home for photographer Ed Reeve 

A sunken cube clad with stained cedar, it was partly prefabricated so the builders were apparently on site for only one week. And, one a bright Sunday morning during London Open House he opened it to the public. I admire the simplicity of it, and that decking looks like a lovely spot on a summery day, but as I write this – surrounded by books, notebooks, magazine clippings, teacups and an overflowing bin – I know I never could, and indeed never will live in a house like this…. I mean, where does Ed put all his crap? 

















And, as a fine example of the many characters of East  London, just around the corner from Ed’s Shed is the home of William Lyttle, aka The Mole Man, who – for reasons known only to himself – has spent the last forty years digging a 60ft network of tunnels around his huge, dilapidated Georgian mansion.

It is now covered in scaffolding and Mr Lyttle has been placed in a hotel while the tunnels are filled – apparently structural engineers had warned the council that a double-decker bus could go through the road if they didn’t deal with the situation. 


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