Since moving to East London in 2003 I’ve traipsed over most of it during days and nights out, or just discovered something new while staring out the window on a  bus. There is always something happening/opening up/changing – so I’m going to record some of the places I find, both for people who are new to the area and looking for stuff to do and those who live here anyway and need some inspiration. I’ll also be adding the odd news story/book review/recipe and whatever else I come up with.

To cover my costs I sometimes write ‘sponsored posts’, which are always marked as such. I still only write about things I like, though, and think are relevant to the blog. Please get in touch if you are interested in sponsoring a post.

PS You can email me at eastlondonlocal@googlemail.com with comments & suggestions, or to alert me to events/places/blogs/websites etc that are worth checking out or linking to. I approve comments first to weed out the spam, so it might take a little while, but let me know what you think – I love to know who’s out there and reading this.

PS Unless otherwise credited, all pictures/words are copyright so please ask if you would like to use them.

4 responses to “About

  1. Lixter

    I also live in east London and my brother and his family are coming to visit soon. Got any recommendations to things we can do,places to see and nice places eat over the weekend; your perfect east London w/e please?

  2. Zoe

    Start with a swim at London Field’s Lido. Then head to Broadway Market for coffee & snacks. After that… hmmm. If it’s sunny, head back to London Fields with the papers. Only the Guardian, though, this is liberal East London – The Daily Telegraph will attract all kinds of unpleasantness. Dinner at a Turkish restaurant, or Tayyabs. A few drinks in Shoreditch. And a night bus home (preferably with a heated, incoherent but friendly debate with a few random strangers thrown in)

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  4. Hello

    I just sent you an email but for some reason it bounced.
    We hope you are interested in joining us for the next Claptonian Sunday brunch. Sunday 24th January.
    For details and to view pictures from previous events, please visit http://www.theclaptonian.com
    Hope to see you soon.

    Best Wishes,
    The Claptonian Arts Club

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