Steak at Buen Ayre Argentinean restaurant, Broadway Market

Buen Ayre in Broadway Market is quite the red-blooded experience. The waiters are full of vim –  no obsequious, waif-like simpering here. And from the moment you book, it’s made clear that you are very lucky to get a table. I went in recently to ask for an 8pm table. and was told Not possible. 7pm or 9pm only.

Fair enough, they can easily do two covers a night for each table, and so they have set times. And to be honest, by 7pm my blood sugar is at rock bottom, so 7pm was fine. 

They’re strict about the timings, too. When I went last October, I got the impression that the waitress was not only fully prepared but also quite capable of dropkicking me out the door if the bill (almost wrote bull) wasn’t paid by 9pm on the dot. And believe me, these people have healthy iron levels and smouldering meat heat – they could take on anyone. So we scuttled out, and I hadn’t been back until last night. 

The steaks vary from £10.50 up to £22.50 for a 10oz fillet, while the parilladas go up to £23.50 per person for two steaks, sausages, black pudding and provolone cheese. 

I’ve never had one of the parilladas, which are little grills that sit on the table smouldering with all sorts of delicacies, from steaks to kidneys to provolone cheese. We stuck to steaks, of various sizes, served with chunky, greasy, salty and really good chips, covered with parsley and raw garlic, and salads (including one of raw tomato and raw onion. Not subtle.) Knocking back a bottle of hearty Argentinean red seemed essential, so we got into that, too.  There are also some lovely-sounding desserts like almond tart and Flan casero con crema o dulce de leche (Homemade creme caramel with cream or milk toffee), which I never bloodywell have any room for. Have a look at the menu here.

Basically, if you’re feeling primal and in the market for a decent steak, you’re in good hands here. It might leave you feeling pole-axed afterwards, so just head to the nearest couch to doze it off like a well-fed bear. The next day you’ll be ready to dropkick a few slow-coaches yourself. (Pictures to come). 

Buen Ayre

50 Broadway Market,
E8 4QJ,
Tel  020 7275 9900


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  1. Buen Ayre is nice antidote to the more populous and well-heeled steak restaurants that have exploded over London over the past decade. Its Hackney-home and its down-to-earth feel mean it is much more relaxed than a Gaucho. The food is comparable if not better, it’s cheaper and a good laugh London food blog

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