A great cooking blog for a gloomy day

It’s funny how the minute the clouds come in – like this morning – I automatically feel like turning on the oven and baking something. So I thought I’d recommend one of my favourite cooking blogs: Coco & Me (the pic to the left is taken from the blog).

Tamami is a Japanese mother-of-two who has a stand at Broadway Market. Her former career as a graphic designer is evident in the stencil-work on her chocolate tarts and the general gorgeousness of her stall, and her love of food is apparent in the size and deliciousness of her brownies.

Unlike a lot of food bloggers, she also writes her own recipes, and a few of these are to be found on her blog. I’ve made her lemon drizzle cake and her brownies quite a few times: the recipes are very detailed, with captioned photographs  accompanying each step, and most importantly, they work. Even if you can’t make it to her stall, you can try her food. And there are now whispers of a cookbook, too…

PS Tamami, if you read this, can I ‘borrow’ a photo from your blog to illustrate?


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3 responses to “A great cooking blog for a gloomy day

  1. Hi!!!!! Wow wow wow!!! thank you for the lovely write-up! Ofcourse, please use an image if you like, thank you for asking!! I’m glad the recipes worked for you! Do drop by one day! all the best, t xx

  2. Thanks for pic Tamami – I love this one. And yes I will be by soon, I only make your brownies for gifts, otherwise I’d scoff them all, so buy them off you sometimes… will introduce myself properly next time. xx

  3. Yummy that looks really delicious 🙂 thanks for the post

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